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Winter Gritting & Snow Clearance Edinburgh

We have provided winter gritting and snow clearing for the last 5 years for many clients, including both residential and commercial properties. We can keep your car park safe and clear of ice and snow before staff or customers arrive. We regularly monitor the weather forecast in the area, to provide you with a warning of when gritting will be required. We have snow ploughs and gritters that will keep hard surfaces clear and slip free, whether it is paths, roads or large car parks. We also have salt alternatives that can be used near building entrances, to stop salt residue being brought into buildings and damaging carpets. We can set up a winter contract that will provide any or all of the following aspects to help you keep yourself, neighbours clients or deliveries safe and trouble-free.

Commercial & Residential Winter Clearance and Gritting Service

Weather and Temperature Monitoring

We monitor areas during the winter months, using met office models, charts and forecasts to predict when gritting and snow clearing will be required, this will result in an email to the client to warn that gritting will be required or to be prepared for snow.


When the temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing, we work through the night to grit carparks, private roads and housing estates to reduce the chances of ice, so that people can continue their normal day without worry.

Salt Alternatives

We use salt alternative 4m from the entrance to buildings to prevent people taking the salt residue into the building and damaging floor surfaces. These alternatives also work at lower temperatures than salt in case we get a winter that is really severe.

Snow Clearing

Our snow ploughs work through the day and night to keep your roads and carparks clear so that everyone can maintain access and everybody’s day does not come to a halt.

We’re Fully Qualified, Fully Insured Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance Specialists Edinburgh, Leith, Sighthill, Livingston and Lothian areas


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