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Tree Surgery Services Edinburgh

We understand that trees have a dramatic effect on gardens; therefore it is important that you get the best from them. Our team are NPTC trained and qualified to carry out all types of tree work, from small fruit tree pruning to dismantling, felling and removal of large trees. If you are looking for trees to be tidied up, crown thinned, reduced in height or removed completely, then call us for a quote.


We can provide the following services for maintaining and improving your trees under a safe controlled environment, available throughout Edinburgh and Lothian areas.

Specialist Fruit Tree Pruning

This is an area of our business that has expanded every year and is becoming more important, especially to our domestic clients. Pruning fruit trees is important as it has to be carried out a t the correct time of year and is a bit of an art to get right. We can prune fruit trees using correct techniques and tools to shape your tree so that it will produce quality fruit and reduce the chance of pests and diseases getting a grip on the tree and fruit.

Dead Wooding

Removing branches that have died back to reduce spread of disease and improve aesthetics of the tree.

Canopy/Crown thinning
Thinning the trees canopy to allow more air movement, reduce chances of disease and increase light penetration

Crown Reduction

Reducing the overall size of the tree, to improve aesthetics, reduce shading and to stop damage to surrounding buildings
Crown lift to increase the height at which the canopy starts, allowing other plants and lawns to grow happily underneath.


To remove trees growing in tight positions that will require taking them down in sections
Tree removal: removing a tree totally, and recycling hardwoods for fuel, and other waste either for wood chipping mulch or recycling to compost


If you have a query about any of our products or services we'd love to hear from you.

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