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Green Roofs Edinburgh

Green Roofs aka Roof Gardens are becoming a more common site in everyday life, with a lot of building installing them whether to satisfy planning permission, to improve aesthetics, or to create more biodiversity. Roof gardens serve different purposes for people and businesses, however they have two main requirements in common; proper install and proper maintenance.


Low Maintenance

A lot of the roofs are designed for low maintenance due to their accessibility, however, low maintenance is not no maintenance. We have been maintaining green roofs since 2009 and work to a very high standard, from small residential roofs to large conference centres, schools and medical centres. With our knowledge and experience in these systems you can be assured that we are maintaining the health and function of your green roof.

Top Quality Supplies & Materials

We work along side some of the best roofing companies to install these systems. We use one of the leading suppliers of green roof materials to supply you with desired finish to your roof garden. The materials are a very important aspect of green roof installation, to allow a lightweight, free draining, nutrient retaining system, and that will not allow root penetration and therefore increasing the chances of leaks.

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