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Living Walls Edinburgh

Living walls are a big hit south of the border and are increasing in popularity in Scotland. More and more people are turning to vertical landscapes to create a green space where there is no garden to allow this. Similar to green roofs, living walls are used by people and businesses to help with planning processes, improve aesthetics of what would normally be a plain wall or to create more biodiversity. There is a vast selection of plants that can be used in these systems, which means that a lot of colours textures and themes can be created to fulfil the end users’ requirements.


Low Maintenance Living Walls

We started installing these systems back in 2011, when not a lot of people had heard about them. The systems are designed to be very low maintenance, only requiring a couple of visits per year, depending on what plants have been used. Our maintenance engineers are trained in working at height and working with plants to install and maintain the perfect system for you.

Vertical Landscapes for any Garden or Wall

The systems that we install have been designed and developed over the years to create a non-intrusive, but flourishing and colourful vertical landscape, that will brighten up any space and improve the aesthetics of any space where they are installed. If the wall isn’t strong enough to hold the vertical wall system we can install a steel frame in front of the wall to hold it in place.

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