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Grounds Maintenance Edinburgh

Urban Utopia Landscapes carry out grounds maintenance for all types of grounds and gardens, including; universities, industrial estates, communal/residential gardens and grounds, mansion houses and botanic gardens. We are experienced horticulturists, qualified and insured to carry out all aspects of grounds and garden maintenance, to keep your green space looking the way it should.

Our experienced staff and high capacity machines, allow us to work on large and small areas to keep to a regular maintenance program and make sure that you get the best from your surrounding landscape.

We are qualified for pesticide application (PA1, PA6A, PA6AW and PA2) allowing us to keep areas clear of unwanted pests and weeds, on small and large scale.


Grass cutting

We have many machines that can cut all different types of grassed areas, from thick heavy rough areas to pristine lawns. The majority of work that we carry out is large commercial ground and we have several high capacity machines to deal with the demand.

Hedge cutting

We carry out formal hedge cutting for several high standard clients, using the best machines to give a quality finish.

Shrub and tree pruning

As qualified horticulturists, we can advise on how to prune and maintain your shrubs and trees at the correct time of year, using methods recommended by the royal horticultural society and royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

Weed control

Our experienced and trained staff are capable of maintaining your gardens and grounds weed free whether on a large scale or small.

Flower bed maintenance

We can stake, weed and maintain your borders and beds so they look immaculate all year round.


Mulching areas with soil enriching compost is something that we are finding a lot of clients are moving towards, to reduce weeding, fertilise the soil and prevent plants drying out.

Leaf blowing and removal

With our leaf blowers which work at up to 200mph of wind power, we can remove wet and heavy leaves and take them for recycling, to create a rich leaf mould.

Pesticide application

We apply certified pesticides that are safe for the environment with consideration to the surroundings to control difficult perennial and invasive weeds, to prevent further spread and to obtain total eradication.

Moss/Algae treatment

Treating areas with a safe algaecide to reduce slip hazards and improve aesthetics.

Litter picking

We are fully licensed for all levels of waste removal so we can litterpick estates and grounds whilst disposing appropriately and responsibly, leaving you with tidy grounds.

Car park sweeping

We offer carpark and private roads sweeping to keep them clear of debris. Quotations available on request.

We have worked in many gardens, grounds and woodlands where invasive weeds have become a major problem. With our experience, knowledge of the industry and qualifications, we can eliminate these problematic weeds from your property. Legislation on invasive weeds is changing and it is becoming a more serious issue for land owners. It is important for people to realise the difficulty and dangers that these weeds can cause. We are qualified to control these weeds with chemicals on small and large scale, both on land and in and around water.

We successfully control the following invasive species

  • Japanese Knot Weed
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Snowberry
  • Salmonberry


If you have a query about any of our products or services we'd love to hear from you.

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