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We have recently branched out and are constructing Summer houses, timber cabins, bbq huts and Garden rooms that can be used all year round. The small buildings are totally bespoke to cater for your needs. Using timber frames, insulation boards and double glazing means they stay cooler in the summer and warm in the winter for you to relax and enjoy your garden all year round. Whether for relaxation purposes or using as an office space for you to run your own business from or they can even be built as workshops for you to house your power tools for creating mini projects in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment.

The idea originated when a couple approached us to say they were not getting the use of their large decking the way they should. They were able to sit out and enjoy the garden four to five times per year, due to poor summers, light levels and temperatures in the winter and having to clean the area to prevent it being slippery. We developed a summerhouse that has a large opening front area to give the feeling of being outside, whilst in, which overlooks the garden and allows them to enjoy their time in this area. Under floor heating and DEFRA approved log burner allows them to defeat the winter temperatures and enjoy this haven all year round.

Outside can be clad in timber (painted or stained) or for lower maintenance UPVC cladding in a variety of colours or wood effects. Inside can be plastered or again wooden panelling whatever you choose. We hook the summerhouses up for electricity with lighting circuits and power sockets, if you want a sink in there, water can all be plumbed in too, hot and cold.

Since this build we have been asked to construct more garden rooms to similar specifications and they have been a success, with people enjoying a space that they would not have been able to as much in the past. As they are totally bespoke, they will be built to fit whatever space of ground you have and can be whatever shape, finish, style you want.


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